How you are making a difference

When you buy our jewelry, you are an essential piece of the movement to provide healing and restoration to these women's lives. You are a part of our team.

We work with 8 incredible women and counting who each have their story to tell.

When you wear EsperanzArt, we invite you to share with others the work that is being done in these girls hearts, and to use this jewelry as a reminder to pray for our girls, and girls all over the world who have escaped and are in the process of healing from sex-trafficking.

EsperanzArt allows our women to gain confidence through learning a new skill and earning money for them and their families. The young ladies learn job skills such as time management, saving money, working hard, and setting goals. The workshops allows them to continue their academic studies, develop positive friendships, and begin to trust that God truly loves them and desires to give them a future filled with hope and purpose.