About our jewelry

Our jewelry is made out of high-quality, organic materials.

Tagua Nut

The tagua nut is one of the eco-friendly materials obtained from the Coast of Ecuador. After being harvested from the ground, the tagua nut passes through a process of drying, hardening, and carving. Its natural color and texture so closely resemble ivory that it is called “vegetable ivory”. Many people promote the use of tagua over animal ivory, as it is much more humane. For most of our jewelry, the tagua beads are dyed in an array of beautiful colors, before becoming stunning fashion pieces.

Açaí Berry

The Açaí palm is a tree which grows in Brazil and Peru. The indigenous people have been harvesting this fruit for hundreds of years. Açaí berries are the Amazon’s most powerfully nutritious superfood, but the berries can also be used to make gorgeous necklaces and bracelets. To make these beads, the Acai berries are handpicked, and the seeds are dried and coloured.

Pambil Seed
These seeds come from one of the grandest palms of South America. The Pambil palm is an essential resource for the culture of Peru and Ecuador, as its wood is used for constructing houses, lances, bows, and blowpipes, and the leaves are woven into roofs of native huts. The Pambil palm’s fruit, approximately one inch in diameter, contains the delicate seeds used in our jewelry.